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6/1/2016Kelly Humphries
If you think this is your ‘dream job NASA will be accepting applications for the Astronaut Candidate Programs. am Mr Kelly Humphrie am the new appointed chief of the NASA and am here to bring to your door step the NASA form is out and we are ready to employ anyone who think he is qualify to do NASA job and anyone who is interested should or you can submit a question to Contact NASA email for more info ( your dream come through now.
NASA’s Public Communications Office provides information to the general public, and your interest in NASA and America’s space program is greatly appreciated. However, as NASA receives thousands of communications each week from all over the world, it is not always possible to meet your expected response time. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to use the NASA Web site for finding the information you are seeking or the answers to your questions. NASA also invites you to consider using one or more of the following easy and convenient communications tools for receiving NASA Updates on the exciting work NASA is doing email on how to be part of NASA good doing at ( .

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3/23/2016rahul kapoor
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12/31/2015MR PAUL
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I love the food!
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5/11/2012Megan Lazar
We order from you atleast once a week! I love your food, you guys are awesome...

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